Don’t Get Into a Throw-Down With the Great Throwdini


Getting his just due? Perhaps. Dr. David Adamovich, aka The Great Throwdini, has been throwing knives at targets, just missing his brave models, for longer than I’ve been a knife editor, and I’ve been at this for 14 years. recently ran an article on The Great Throwdini, who reportedly holds 25 world records. reports that Guinness World Records finally recognized The Great Throwdini after years of rejecting records Adamovich submitted and claimed to have broken and held. The one that finally got the Great one into the Great book–throwing 144 knives around a human target in one minute, and catching 254 thrown knives in one minute.

Guinness World Records also gives The Great Throwdini credit for throwing 10 knives around a human target in 3.73 seconds. Omitted from the Guinness World Records book, but still recognized by Guinness, is Adamovich’s “Ladder Of Death” feat in which he threw 10 knives in 4.0 seconds on altering sides of his target girl. Bless her heart!

So frustrated was The Great Throwdini with early rejections from Guinness World Records that he spent years compiling and eventually coauthoring his own book, “Believe the Unbelievable,” in which he and coauthors Thomas Blacke and Dean Gould reveal data they gathered from other organizations, such as the International Federation of Competitive Eating, The Book of Alternative Records, and The Asia Book of Records. “Believe the Unbelievable” features 700 record setters and 1,500 records, each focused on human achievement feats.

To read the entire report on The Great Throwdini, go to And don’t forget to duck!

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