Emerson Knives, Inc., Holds Charity Auction


On Saturday, December 7th, 2013, Emerson Knives, Inc., will hold a charity auction for “The Patriot Knife George Washington Collection,” with all proceeds donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation. The auction starts at 12 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Pat

Ernest Emerson fashioned the handle of the George Washington Patriot knife using 250-year-old oak from a tree on Washington’s Union Farm property, a tree that was alive when Commander Washington led the Colonial Army to victory in the War for Independence. The knife comes with a copy of a surveyor’s map hand drawn by Washington himself, showing the very location of the tree on his property, along with a letter of provenance. And it has a custom-designed, die-cut copper gun metal coin inset into the handle featuring a striking profile of Washington as President of the United States.

The knife package to be auctioned also includes: a rare bottle of George Washington’s Whiskey distilled at the original Mount Vernon distillery using his recipe; a rare first-day-of-issue Washington Purple Heart stamp and artwork, postmarked at the Mount Vernon Post Office on its day of issue, May 30, 2003; an author-signed copy of George Washington: Gentleman Warrior by Stephen Brumwell; and a U.S. flag flown over the historic Washington Mount Vernon home, along with certificates of authentication.

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Click here for more information. Click here to view the auction once it’s underway at noon December 7, 2013.

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