2014 will go down as a year that marked some noteworthy knife company anniversaries and milestones. On top of the heap is Puma, celebrating its 245th anniversary! Yes, you read that correctly, Puma Knife Co. is nearly two and a half centuries old.51882a9d-c518-4660-8b77-7b5be9611eca_400

Other anniversary milestones: Boker (145th); Case (125th); Gerber (75th); the Buck 110 folding hunter (50th); Frost Cutlery, Kershaw and Plaza Cutlery (40th); Lansky and Masecraft (35th); Outdoor Edge (25th); CRKT and Microtech (20th); Benchmade McHenry & Williams 710 AXIS™ and Pro-Tech (15th); and Canal Street Cutlery (10th.)

That’s a lot of anniversaries, and a lot of cool, quality knives. For more, click here.

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