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You have to know within yourself that you can do it. If you can work a wrench, use a screwdriver or hammer a nail, you can make a knife.” ~ Bob Loveless

The legacy of Bob Loveless

All of the knife industry has been touched by the late Bob Loveless, a pioneer in knifemaking. We at F+W Media are humbled and proud to have had the opportunity, just months before his death, to work with Mr. Loveless on a book showcasing his knifemaking legacy. Knifemaking with Bob Loveless: Build Knives with a Living Legend, by Author Durwood Hollis, is an inspiration for all knife enthusiasts.

Widely recognized as the father of the modern custom knife movement, Mr. Loveless popularized the dropped hunter, Big Bear sub-hilt fighter and other knives, and, along with Richard Barney, co-wrote How to Make Knives, the precursor to this book.

For this project, he generously allowed Mr. Hollis unprecedented access to his workshop and his life, revealing his methods for creating a knife, including tempering and design, the materials and tools he used, and his recommendations for the care of your knife.

He was an innovator in his field and this book is a tribute to him and his craft. The pages of Knifemaking with Bob Loveless: Build Knives with a Living Legend, present:

  • Exclusive access and interviews, color photos and insight into the world’s most famous knifemaker and his private knifemaking shop
  • Spectacular photo gallery of famous Loveless knives and patterns, including never-before published images of custom Loveless knives
  • Insider information on how Bob Loveless grinds, heat-treats and tempers his blades
  • Step-by-step knifemaking techniques by Bob Loveless as told to author Durwood Hollis
  • Tips from Bob Loveless on field use, handling and care of his or any knives
  • Foreword by A.G. Russell, proprietor and publisher of the largest mail order knife company and catalog in existence—A.G. Russell Knives and “Russell’s For Men”

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