Missouri Legislature Passes Switchblade Ban Repeal


The Missouri legislature has passed SB489, repealing the ban on possession, sale and manufacture of switchblade knives in Missouri as long as it is not “in violation of federal law.” In practical terms all that means is that you cannot do so in interstate commerce or on Indian reservations or elsewhere that federal regulations may prevent such activities. 

SB489 now moves to the desk of Governor Jay Nixon. It is important that the Governor hear from you. If you are a Missouri citizen or work or recreate in Missouri, please call or email Governor Nixon and politely request that he sign SB489. Since it is the end of session and the Governor has a pile of bills on his desk, you don’t need to add anything else, just “please sign SB489.”  If from out of state, do add why he should care what you think, e.g. you work or recreate in the state. This is one of those times when less is more. 
Phone: 573-751-3222    

Email may be submitted to: http://governor.mo.gov/contact/ 


Knife Rights’ lobbyist worked closely with the NRA to have this law introduced as an amendment to a Concealed Carry bill the NRA was working on and would like to thank the NRA for their help in getting the law passed out of the legislature.


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