Survival Necker


Since the 1095 blade of Jonathan McNees’ Survival Necker is differentially hardened for a hard edge and softer back—which also results in a handsome hamon—a portion of the blade is not hard enough for sparking via the striker. As a result, McNees also includes a fire steel for the purpose. ( photo)

McNees’ PSK has the essentials to survive a short-term emergency

Jonathan McNees’ Survival Necker—PSK (Personal Survival Knife) for short—features the bare survival essentials all in one modular system. The 5.75-inch knife has a differentially hardened blade of 1095 carbon steel and a G-10 handle with hollow-tube construction to accept a lanyard. The handle sports a glow-in-the-dark dot for ease of location at night.

    Included are a fire steel and striker, three-phase (high, low and blinking) flashlight, paracord and whistle. The handle of the fire steel is hour-glass shaped to contain two fish hooks wrapped with 30 feet of 30-pound Spiderwire® fishing line, which also can be used for snares and trip wires. In addition to the Kydex® sheath, a two-sided plate with a compass on one side and a mirror on the other rides on a necklace/bead chain. The system also breaks down for belt wear.


Knife: Survival Necker

Maker: Jonathan McNees

Blade Steel: 1095 carbon

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Heat Treatment: Differentially hardened

Handle: G-10 w/glow-in-the-dark dot

Sheath: Kydex®

Survival Items: Fire steel and striker, compass, mirror, whistle, flashlight, paracord and fishing line with two fishhooks

Maker’s List Price: $185

    For more information contact Jonathan McNees, 15203 Starboard Pl., Northport, AL 35475 205-915-3254

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