5 Best Knife Sharpeners [2022]


Whether A Stone, A Rod, Or An Electronic Device, There Are Many Quality Knife Sharpeners Out There. Here are five of the best.

There are all sorts of knife sharpeners out there. Some can fit in your pocket. Some are full-on appliances. Some are literal stones. No matter the type of sharpener you use, it’s important to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

That’s why we’ve scoured the world of sharpeners to show you a variety of the five best out there today. Whether you’re looking for something quick and easy to give your knives a once over or a sharpener the pros use, there’s a knife sharpener out there for you.

Chef’s Choice Model Trizor 15XV 3-Stage Professional Electric Knife Sharpener, Platinum

Chef’s Choice Model Trizor 15XV 3-Stage Professional Electric Knife Sharpener, Platinum

The first one on this list could be called the Cadillac of home knife sharpeners. Named the best knife sharpener by numerous organizations including America’s Test Kitchen, the Trizor 15XV by Chef’s Choice is a beast of an electric knife sharpener.

It utilizes three separate stages to sharpen, hone, and polish your knives. It sharpens using proprietary diamond abrasives and then stropping discs to polish. It even adjusts between 15 and 20 degrees so you can sharpen multiple types of knives.

Yes, this is made for chefs and their kitchen knives but it’ll sharpen your EDC knives just as well. It’ll even sharpen serrated knives too! While it can’t sharpen ceramic knives or larger outdoor blades like axes, it does pretty much handles any other edge in your home or workshop.

It is pricey with an MSRP of $179.99, but if you want to sharpen like the pros you won’t find a better option on the market today.

Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone 2 Side 1000/6000 Waterstone

1000/6000 whetstone
Sharp Pebble 1000/6000 waterstone

I love sharpening my knives freehand. I find it meditative, fun, and refreshing. As more and more people look to whetstones as a way to sharpen their knives, there’s a glut of products on the market. 

This is the type of stone I’ve used for the last several years, and it’s an excellent entry point into whetstones. Sharp Pebble has made a quality stone out of aluminum oxide that can sharpen and polish your straight-edge knives.

Starting with the coarse 1000-grit side, and finishing with the fine 6000-grit side, you can give your knives the love and care they need to stay sharp and cut at their best.

Another reason I like this stone is its accessories. It comes with a bamboo base to keep the stone secure as you sharpen. And it comes with an angle guide if you’re not confident in being able to keep the angle steady as you grind away.

While I love using my whetstone, it can be a bit confusing to jump into at first. Luckily, popular Youtube Ethan Chlebowski goes over the most common mistakes people make while using a stone and how to avoid them.

At an MSRP of $40.99, Sharp Pebble has made an affordable stone and a great entry point for those interested.

WorkSharp Guided Field Sharpener

WorkSharp Guided Field Sharpener
WorkSharp Guided Field Sharpener

Need a sharpener while hunting or camping? The team at WorkSharp has you covered with their Guided Field Sharpener (GFS). Smaller than your cell phone, the GFS is packed with features any outdoorsman can appreciate.

The sharpener comes with two stones of 320 and 600-grit diamond and a 20-degree angle guide so each pass counts. It also comes with two finishing options, a ceramic honing rod and a leather strop, to polish your blade. You can even remove the diamond sharpening plates to reveal a small storage compartment with a built-in broadhead wrench.

And did we mention it can sharpen straight-edge blades, serrated knives, and even fish hooks? It really can do it all outside for you. It even has a lanyard hole so you can carry it without worry about losing it on the trail.

At an MSRP of $34.95, you get so much for the price and the peace of mind that comes with buying something sturdy from WorkSharp.

KitchenIQ Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife Sharpener

KitchenIQ Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife Sharpener

If you’re looking for a sharpener on a budget, this little countertop sharpener packs a big punch. 

Available at numerous retailers, this sharpener from KitchenIQ is priced between $10-12 and will get your knives back to a sharp edge.

It uses two angled slots, one coarse (carbide) and one fine (ceramic), for you to pull your knife through. You hold it down with one hand and pull your knife through with the other. Pulling it through 5-10 times a side should be enough to reset the edge and polish it back to new.

Your sharpening time is seconds. If you’re looking for a sharpener that’s easy to use, doesn’t take much time, and gets your knives back to fighting fit, this is the sharpener for you.

Wusthof 9-Inch Honing Steel

Wusthof 9-Inch Honing Steel
Wusthof 9-Inch Honing Steel

The last piece on this list isn’t a sharpener, per se. Honing steels, or honing rods, are used to fix the small, microscopic imperfections that affect a knife over time. Using a honing steel will help get the edge back to where it was before but without removing material, as occurrences when sharpening.

A good honing steel should be used a few times a week while sharpening should be done a few times a year, and you can’t go wrong with this steel from Wusthof. From a company with more than two centuries of experience making knives, the honing steel is made from stainless and will help restore the edge of your kitchen knives. 

With a low MSRP of just $25, you can’t go wrong with a steel from one of the most trusted knife brands in the world.

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