Featured Knife: CRKT Kit Carson M16-14ZLEK

CRKT Kit Carson M16-14ZLEK Specs

M16-14ZLEK knife specs

Open Overall Length – 9.25 inches
Closed Length – 5.5 inches
Weight – 6.2 ounces

Length – 3.75 inches
Thickness – 0.138 inches
Material – AUS 8
Blade-HRC – 58-59
Finish – Black Ti-Nitride
Grind – Hollow
Style – Tanto
Edge – Combo

Material – Glass Filled Nylon
Liner – 420J2

Type – Locking Liner

Carry System – 4 Position Clip

Flipper – Yes
Glass Breaker – Yes
Belt Cutter – Yes
Patent    U.S. Patent Nos 5,596,808 and 7,437,822

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Customer Review

“Purchased this knife as a primary duty knife. I work patrol and SRT. I was looking for a knife that had glass breaking capabilities. After carrying this knife for a few weeks now, I am happy to review and state that this is one of the best ‘work’ knife I’ve ever owned.

“Previous blades I have used include Gerber, Benchmade, and MOD. This knife performs as well as ones I own that cost three times as much. I have used the glass breaker on two occasions with success.

“I have not used the seatbelt cutter, although I did have a situation where I could have. I did not think about the integrated cutter, instead, I just flipped the knife open and slashed the seatbelt. Oh well, maybe next time I highly recommend this knife to anyone in emergency services, fire, or police work.”

~ Sid from Arkansas (CRKT.com customer review)

Click here to order a Kit Carson M16-14ZLEK CRKT.com.

About Kit Carson

M16-14ZLEK designer Kit CarsonKit Carson, of Kentucky, has made knives for 30 years. He became a full-time knifemaker in 1993. Since then, he’s earned the respect and admiration of the knife world. He was inducted into the Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall Of Fame© in 2012.

Carson said of his entry into knives, “It was during my last 10 years in the Army that knifemaking became extremely interesting and a challenging hobby. Those were extremely rough years, long hours as both a soldier and knifemaker while always trying to ensure that our kids had a sandwich and a lunchbox.

“I was working in small sheds, basements and garages, or wherever I could find space in government housing, apartments and houses, to grind a blade shape or handle, or try to figure out how a locking mechanism worked.”

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