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Here are BLADE Magazine’s Featured Knives of the Week. Browse through these articles to find the best knives available from both custom knifemakers and factory knives.

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5 Out-The-Side Automatic Knives that are Stylish & Functional

By Dexter Ewing Because the blade opens swiftly by the press of a button, the automatic has a special aura knife enthusiasts dig. There’s something satisfying about the crisp snap! sound the blade makes when...

We Demolish Cars with 3 New Breaching Tools

Written by Dexter Ewing Breaching tools are handy to have if you’re a firefighter, an EMT or in law enforcement. They can assist in gaining access to structures or vehicles in an emergency to help...

Raboud Dagger Fetches $50,000

PROCEEDS BENEFIT WOUNDED WARRIOR OUTDOORS AND WILD SHEEP FOUNDATION The Raboud Dagger by award-winning knifemaker Dennis Friedly sold for $50,000 at a live auction this last January, with proceeds from the sale benefitting both Wounded...

4 New Karambits That Are Very Different

WELCOME TO THE BRAVE NEW WORLD OF THE KARAMBIT. The latest karambits come in an assortment of sizes, shapes, blade patterns, materials, fixed blades and folders, and price ranges. Whether for utility, self-defense or what...

4 Tactical Tomahawks to Consider

Tactical Hawks Do Assorted Jobs That Can Require A Tad More Abuse Than Usual Written by Daniel Jackson There are many things to pry and cut that destroy the edge of a blade during the course...
Extrema Ratio Col Moschin

Featured Knife: Col Moschin by Extrema Ratio

History Made to order for the renowned 9th Parachute Assault Regiment “Col Moschin” of the Italian special forces, which officially adopted it in 2002, this is a quintessential combat knife. Extrema Ratio’s Col Moschin represents a...
Quick release knife sheath

Featured Knife: Mamba Black Sports Innovative Sheath Release

The quick-release on the Mamba Black's Kydex sheath is worth a look.