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Here are BLADE Magazine’s Featured Knives of the Week. Browse through these articles to find the best knives available from both custom knifemakers and factory knives.

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cjrb crag

First Look: CJRB Crag

The CJRB Crag is a fairly-priced knife that looks great, cuts great, and is absolutely worth the investment.

4 Best Dirks: Modern Versions Of The Historic Knife

The dirk has a long, exciting history and has been used for everything from farming to war all around the world.

5 Best Tactical Pocketknives: Perfect EDC Options

Tactical pocketknives are some of the most popular on the market today. these are five blades that are worth your money and your time.

Best Tactical Knives: Rugged Beasts

Tactical knives become more popular every year. A mix of fight and outdoor knife, tactical blades have myriad uses.
crkt psd

Best Assisted-Opening Knives For The Money

The assisted-opening knife is a powerful type of pocketknife beloved by blade lovers around the world. These 12 stand out from the pack.

Knife Review: CRKT Skeggox

The CRKT Skeggox is a fun little hatchet that swings a big game and can handle the daily tasks around your property.
Kershaw Misdirect

First Look: Kershaw Misdirect S35VN

Two new exclusive versions of the Kershaw Misdirect look fantastic and show an evolution for the popular EDC folder.

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