Featured Knife: Skinner from Ridgeline Knife Works

Best Skinning Knives
This skinning knife is ready for hard work. It's made in the USA with USA materials. (Ridgeline photo)
Best Skinning Knives
This skinning knife is ready for hard work. It’s made in the USA with USA materials. (Ridgeline photo)

The Skinner from Ridgeline Knife Works was designed with a big skinning belly in the 3-inch blade (think back to the old Dexter skinners), without sacrificing the ability to cut tendons and gut.

The G10 handle provides comfort regardless of the way the knife is held, and jimping adds additional finger grip. With a skeletonized full tang and no heavy bolsters or pommel, the weight is about 5 ounces — just enough to feel good in your hand.

Whether you choose the traditional route with D2 or opt for the advanced S35-VN stainless steel, you can count on a knife that will keep its edge through the job, and the next.

Even better, the knife is made in the USA from USA materials.

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“I started this company because I saw a distinct lack of knives that were actually designed for what we do as hunters,” said Zack Waddle, Ridgeline owner. “As an engineer I believe that there should be a knife available to outdoors enthusiasts that has every detail engineered to make tasks faster, more comfortable, and well, more fun.”


Here’s where to get this and other Ridgeline knives.

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