First Look: Kershaw Recap


This Tiny New Multi-Tool From Kershaw May Not Have The Array Of Tools Like Others On The Market But Makes Up For It With A Fun, New Design.

When you think of a multi-tool it’s usually a beefy type of tool with pliers and blades and maybe wrenches and wire strippers on it. However, the new Recap from Kershaw breaks the mold by taking the multi-tool to its minimalist extreme.

The Recap is roughly the size of a housekey. Made of stainless steel, there are no folding elements to the tool, just the main body. At just .3 ounces it’s as light as you’d expect but features three tools.

The first, and most noticeable, is the bottle opener. The other tools come as a combination pry bar/flathead screwdriver. The minimalist steel construction means all of the tools are strong and robust with nothing superfluous in the way.

Yes, there is no blade, a staple of most multi-tools, but this would be excellent on a keychain. If you want some type of tool with you wherever you go, especially if you frequent places like sporting events or museums where you can have an EDC or traditional multi tool on your person.

MSRP: $6.39

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