Cool Custom: Shane Magnussen’s Sinnsyk

Cool Custom: Shane Magnussen’s Sinnsyk

Finding Inspiration During the Covid-19 pandemic, Shane Magnussen Created The Sinnsyk With The Help Of His Fans.

The long days of the COVID-19 pandemic may be mostly past us, but the cabin fever drove many people crazy. However, for some, those days inside proved to be a cauldron of creativity. For one knifemaker in Arizona, the creative juices flowed forth and gave birth to a one-of-a-kind knife. 

Shane Magnussen was looking for ways to keep from going bonkers during the pandemic and found one with his “personal renaissance challenge.” 

The challenge consisted of him sketching one new knife design per day for 75 days and then putting them all up for a vote on social media. The folder winner was his Sinnsyk model.

Who Is Shane Magnussen?

Shane Manussen
Shane Magnussen—here with wife Katie in the shop—said the lock, detent and bearings all fit tight on his Sinnsyk folder. In the right lighting, you can see the electro-anodized blade through the elliptical handle holes.

Shane is a former serviceman who led over two dozen successful operations in Afghanistan for the United States Army. After receiving an honorable discharge, Shane went into the automotive field and worked in numerous parts of the industry. 

Eventually, he began working at a knife manufacturer and caught the knifemaking bug. From writing manuals about free hand grinding to innovating custom finishing methods Shane gained the experience needed to launch his own knife company, Scorpion 6 Knives.

What Is The Sinnsyk

Shane is first-generation Norwegian and sinnsyk is Norwegian for insane or crazy, which most people have been driven at least half during the troubles. His wife, Katie, helped with the zig-zag texturing on the titanium handle, which they did on a half-inch wheel of a Travis Wuertz TW-90 grinder. 

The elliptical holes are a standard Shane design and enhance looks, lightweight and texture. The line down the center of the electro-anodized pocket clip serves as a kind of truss to keep the clip from grabbing neither too tight nor too loose.

Sinnsyk Knife Specs

Knife: Sinnsyk

Knife type: Folder

Blade length: 3.66 inches

Blade steel: Nitro-V stainless

Blade pattern: Spear point

Frame: Grade 5 titanium

Lock: Framelock

Closed length: 4.94 inchesMaker’s price for a similar knife: $1,200

For more information contact Shane Magnussen, Dept. BL3, 914 W. Belmont Red Trail, San Tan Valley, AZ 85143

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