GiantMouse Kitchen Knives: Cooking Up Something New

GiantMouse Kitchen Knives: Cooking Up Something New

GiantMouse takes a stab at the culinary world with a kitchen knife line.

EDC knives of a variety of stripes have been GiantMouse’s bread and butter, helping the Danish-design concern kick a solid toehold into the knife industry. This success somewhat culminated earlier this month in Atlanta, with the company’s GMX earning Knife-Of-The-Year® accolades at the 2023 BLADE Show. This trophy in hand is a pretty good indicator you’re doing things right. But, GiantMouse is far from living off past achievements.

In fact, it has a new vista in sight—kitchen knives.

Following a well-trod recent trend in knife manufacturing, GiantMouse is dipping its toe into the culinary end of the pool with the introduction of four kitchen knives. While this drop might prove unexpected to some, the expansion is something the company said has been in the works for nearly two years now. At least, that’s been the personal testing period of designers Jens Ansø and Jesper Voxnaes (Vox), refining the minutia of the knives. So, how did it shake out?

At first blush—and without a knife-in-hand, tomato-dicing torture test—not too shabby. The four-knife line appears attractively utilitarian, nice enough to show off along with your next dinner party. But the knives aren’t so pretty as to scare you off from actually using them in your day-to-day culinary adventures. At arm’s length, it’s difficult to discuss ergonomics, balance and performance. However, GiantMouse doesn’t appear to have to broken any of the major kitchen-knife rules, attempting to displace function for novel form. Though, the slightly hooking heel on the larger knives might prove a sore point—pun intended—for some.

The line, at present, includes:

  • Santoku
  • Chef
  • Carving
  • Paring
GiantMouse Kitchen Knives in a line

Essentially, GiantMouse has homed in on the basic food prep tools every kitchen requires. The knives are sold individually and as a set; there’s a branded bamboo magnetic knife bar available, as well. And, in the company’s announcement, it certainly sounds as if it has designs to continue expanding into more corners of the culinary arts. No hint on what that might include.

As to the Italian-made knives themselves, GiantMouse has opted for Nitro-B for the blade steel and given them an unstated satin finish. Having grown in popularity in recent years, high-nitrogen steel (.21% in the case of Nitro-B) has spurred its share of debates as well. Sufficed to say, it should thrive in a kitchen environment if for no other reason than its corrosion resistance. To top it off, the blades are stamped with a tirade of the company’s murine logo—jaunty, to say the least.

To this, the company has outfitted the knives with green micarta handles, which should prove popular. Generally providing an excellent gripping surface, even when wet, GiantMouse has further enhanced it with a run of three serrations at the midpoint to provide a bit more purchase.

As for price, expect to drop $95 to get into GiantMouse’s paring knife at the low end and $175 for the chef or santoku at the high end.

GiantMouse Kitchen Knives Specs:

GiantMouse Chef Knife

Chef Knife
Blade Length: 8.375″ (212.725mm)
Weight: 6.9oz (195.612g)
Overall Length: 13.125″ (333.4mm)
Steel: Nitro B
Blade Thickness: .1125″ (2.875mm)
Finish: Satin
Handle: Green Micarta
MSRP: $175

GiantMouse Santoku

Blade Length: 6.75″ (171.45mm)
Weight: 6.8oz (192.777g)
Overall Length: 11.4″ (289.56mm)
Steel: Nitro B
Blade Thickness: .1125″ (2.875mm)
Finish: Satin
Handle: Green Micarta
MSRP: $175

GiantMouse Carving Knife

Carving Knife
Blade Length: 5.58″ (141.732mm)
Weight: 4.6oz (130.408g)
Overall Length: 9.75″ (247.65mm)
Steel: Nitro B
Blade Thickness: .116″ (2.87mm)
Finish: Satin
Handle: Green Micarta
MSRP: $125

GiantMouse Paring Knife

Paring Knife
Blade Length: 4.2″ (106.68mm)
Weight: 2.6oz (73.708g)
Overall Length: 8.250″ (209.55mm)
Steel: Nitro B
Blade Thickness: 0.0675″ (1.71mm)
Finish: Satin
Handle: Green Micarta
MSRP: $95

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