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Vintage Nakiri Knife

Best Nakiri Knife: What To Know About This Japanese Kitchen Classic

Have vegetable that need knocked down to size? Get chopping with the Nakiri. The Japanese people have historically produced excellent knives specialized for dedicated tasks....

These Five Fillet Knives Will Get The Fish Off The Bone

When it comes to processing fish, the fillet knife is the blade you need. These five knives will do the trick in getting the meat off the bone.
Buck 13-Piece Cutlery Set

Best Kitchen Knife Set To Upgrade Your Galley

Whether three pieces or more than a dozen, a great kitchen knife set can completely change how you cook and work with food.
VG-10 67-Layer Damascus Large Cleaver, 8-inch

Best Japanese Kitchen Knives Worth A Look [2022]

Japanese-made knives are prized for their toughness and sharpness. Today, they're still made with techniques developed during the Samurai era.

BLADE 101: Types Of Kitchen Knives

There are so many types of kitchen knives that it's hard to know which are necessary. This is a breakdown of what you need and what's nice to have.

The Best Boning Knives

Editor’s note: The author (Josh Wayner) spent the better part of five years working in a high-end specialty butcher shop in coastal west Michigan....

Custom-Made Chef Knife: The Kitchen Integral

One-piece custom-made chef’s knives embody strength, balance, line and flow and more By Mike Haskew As it does in other aspects of custom knives, integral construction,...

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