4 New Colorful EDC Knives

4 New Colorful EDC Knives
A lot of color to be had in the cutlery world includes, from left: Steel Will Scylla Blue, Bear & Son 5-inch Pink Butterfly, Puma SGB Orange Featherweight Hunter and SOG-TAC CA Auto.

A wise man never said knives should be in color but he never said they shouldn’t be, either. Colorful knives are nothing revolutionary in the cutlery world, but it does seem manufacturers are broadening the spectrum by introducing new models with color and rejuvenating older ones. And why not? Unless you’re a dark-ops type or desire to keep a low profile in life, a little spice in the knife can add personality to your carry.

A lot of color to be had in the cutlery world includes, from left: Steel Will Scylla Blue, Bear & Son 5-inch Pink Butterfly, Puma SGB Orange Featherweight Hunter and SOG-TAC CA Auto.


Bear & Son 5-Inch Pink Butterfly

Bear & Son 5-Inch Pink Butterfly

Bear & Son has been making butterfly knives since 1991, and the 5-inch Pink Butterfly is a bright send-up of one of the company’s most popular models. The 5-inch skeletonized handles are zinc with a bright pink powder coat, and a pivoting T-shaped gate lock at the bottom joins them when fully employed. The handle halves rotate off two pivots on the short tang clip-point blade, with a stop pin at the base. The Pink Butterfly’s pivots are very slick with no drag and the T-lock joins them firmly once employed.

Butterfly knives are simple in their mechanisms but require dedicated practice to employ safely and effectively. The basic idea is to grasp the handle, flip the blade out, and then quickly orient your hand to grip the two halves. Expert users employ the blade and launch into a plethora of flipping techniques in the blink of an eye.

The Bear & Son Pink Butterfly made quick work slicing up link sausage for a pot of jambalaya

Heck, butterfly knife users have to eat just like everybody else, so I locked the blade down and took to the kitchen, using the knife to slice link sausage for a pot of jambalaya. The Pink Butterfly performed quite admirably and the color kept this chef, dare I say, in the pink.

Bear & Son 5-Inch Pink Butterfly
BLADE STEEL:440 stainless
HANDLE MATERIAL:Powder-coated zinc
SPECIAL FEATURE:T-latch at base
WEIGHT:5.33 ozs.

SAFETY ORANGE SLICER: The Puma SGB Orange Featherweight

The Puma SGB Orange Featherweight

The Puma SGB Orange Featherweight Hunter is the newest rendition in the company’s Warden line of lockback folding hunters. It lightens the load to a svelte 2.8 ounces thanks to its 5-inch G-10 composite slabs, shaving two ounces off the standard Warden model. An added feature not seen on many folding hunters is a blade-tip-up pocket clip, 2.25 inches long, on the base of the back slab. The G-10 has a checkered texture which does a nice job of enhancing the grip.

The blade offers up a long-pull nail nick with fine gimping on the lower spine to enhance grip. I tested the edge on 3/8-inch synthetic rope and it easily sliced off short lengths in one slice, so I jacked it up to two. No problem. I tried three lengths side by side with firm pressure and lopped them off as well. Like so many folding hunters before it, the lightweight Puma would serve up light field chores and skinning in spades. While the bright handles make the Puma Orange Featherweight Hunter stand out, an OD green model is available if you’d like a more subdued color.

The Puma SGB Featherweight carries blade tip up via its handy pocket clip.



The SOG-TAC CA Crimson

The SOG-TAC CA Crimson is especially designed to be street legal in California, where blades on automatics must be 2 inches long or less. The knife uses the SOG-TAC Mini handle in an aluminum anodized an attractive crimson color, with a push-button blade release on the front. SOG adds a slide safety to keep everything in check when not in use, and there’s also a blade-tip-up pocket clip.

Handle size is, indeed, a subjective thing. While the author had around 3/4 of an inch left in his mitt, the SOG-TAC Auto CA handle fit his girlfriend’s hand perfectly. “I still wouldn’t hesitate to carry this little powerhouse,” the author noted.

I was somewhat familiar with this folder because I’ve carried the larger 4.5-inch version in my rotation. Push the SOG-TAC CA’s button release and the blade opens clean and crisp at the blink of an eye. While its blade length is limited, it’s also a nice little EDC. I tested the edge on some tough quarter-inch-thick two-ply corrugated cardboard, and the AUS-8 stainless steel cut it across the grain in clean, easy strokes.

The SOG-TAC CA Auto did its due diligence as a competent everyday carry. It did an excellent job of taking off against-the-grain slices of thick corrugated cardboard.

I have medium-size mitts and the SOG-TAC CA handle left about a 3/4-inch deficit in padding on my lower palm. I let my girlfriend try it and it fits her hand just as the larger-size SOG-TAC fits mine. In fact, she said she wants one!

SOG-TACCA Auto Crimson
BLADE STEEL:AUS-8 stainless
BLADE PATTERN:Trailing point
HANDLE MATERIAL:Anodized aluminum
SPECIAL FEATURE:Push-button release/safety
POCKET CLIP:Blade-tip-up carry
WEIGHT:2.5 ozs.
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:China parts/U.S.assembly


BIG and BLUE: The Steel Will Scylla Blue

The Steel Will Scylla Blue is a full-size linerlock folder with an interesting twist: it has a top flipper as opposed to the typical side-winder on most folders with thumb studs. The knife features a vibrant, curvaceous handle with a fine fabric texture to enhance grip. A kidney-shaped lanyard hole is designed into the curved base and on the back slab is a blade-tip-up pocket clip.

Steel Will’s Scylla Blue has a deeply ground blade ready made for carving wood. Starting with fine slivers the author moved up the ladder to take off large curls, ending with a nice pile of fire starter.

Top flippers take some getting used to, but like anything else practice makes perfect. Rather than pushing the thumb stud out,  the thumb pad or side of the thumb rotates the stud up and over the top of the handle until the blade locks.

The Steel Will Scylla Blue has a top flipper that, once mastered, opens in just a flick by rolling the thumb stud over the upper handle. Here the author uses the right side of his thumb to do the opening chores, though the thumb pad will work just as well.

I tested the Scylla Blue’s deeply ground blade on boxwood. Starting with short slivers of tinder and moving up to long curls, I had a nice pile of fire starter before long. The edge did its job well aided by a comfortable handle grip that fit my palm nicely. If you can master the top flipper, you’ll like the Steel Will Scylla Blue.

Steel Will Scylla Blue
BLADE MATERIAL:D2 tool steel
BLADE FINISH:Stonewashed black
ACTION & LOCK:Top flipper and linerlock
LINERS:Stainless steel
POCKET CLIP:Blade-tip-up carry
WEIGHT:4.42 ozs.

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