Pocket Locket – Joe Kious

Joe Kious pocket locket knife

The Pocket Locket is considered one of the most flexible engraving platforms of all time. This is just one example of the versatility of Joe Kious’s design, and it’s a stunner.

Grapes of Wrath – Stephen Olszewski

Stephen Olszewski art knife

Art knives don’t get much more complex yet graceful as Stephen Olszewski’s Grapes of Wrath. 

“To this day, I have not seen another art knife with as many flowing lines, curves, carving and piercing of the steel in such a masterful way,” Michael Donato, of KnifePurveyor.com, told BLADE.

Time Machine – Van Barnett

Van Barnett Time Machine

This steampunk-inspired piece sits at the intersection of knives and luxury watches. As a result, the Time Machine caught the attention of those outside of the usual crowd.

“It also brought much-needed new collectors to the custom knife world,” Donato said.

Luna – Arpad Bojtos

examples of art knives

Words won’t do justice to the interplay between the handle, blade and sheath in this mixed media masterpiece. This is the art knife’s art knife.

Goblin Folder – Jim Schmidt

Jim Schmidt goblin folding knife

Many imitators followed Jim Schmidt’s lead after the Goblin Folder hit the scene, shaping faces into pommels. It’s proof that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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