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Custom Knives

Buying Custom Knives: Is List Price the Same as Value?

Does list price reflect value or is it just a starting point?
Micarta knife example

5 Things You Didn’t Know About MicartaⓇ

"Micarta" has become the Kleenex of knife handles. It's used so generically that it's easy to lose sight of the fact that the word refers to something specific.
Tips for buying custom knives

7 Tips for Buying Custom Knives

Knife collectors: Read this before you buy a custom knife as an investment to make a profit.
Viking knives

Knives the Vikings Used: The Seax

Deeply rooted in Scandinavian history, the seax, aka "scramasax" or "sax," was the blade shape of choice for the much feared and revered Vikings.
Birds beak bowies

What is a Bird’s-Beak Handle?

You've seen it countless times before. Did you know it had a name?
Bob Loveless Big Bear Knives Pictures

PHOTOS: 15 Greatest Bob Loveless Knives of All-Time

Robert "Bob" Loveless is regarded as one of the most influential custom knifemakers of the modern era. Here are the 15 knives that show why.
Flipper folding knife definition

Why Are Flipper Folders So Popular?

Here are the technical reasons flippers are so fun.