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Reese’s three-blade swell-center whittler

Knife Collecting Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Buy

Observe all nine and your collecting pursuit can be most satisfying.
Buster Warenski’s reproduction of the King Tut Dagger

King Tut Dagger: The Rare Chance To Hold The Legend

A chance phone call out of the blue leads to the author's opportunity to see and hold the iconic Warenski King Tut Dagger.
Derick Kemper's Scottish Dirk

Cool Custom: Derick Kemper’s Scottish Dirk

A bonnie blade to be sure, Kemper makes a statement with his Scottish dirk.
D Rocket Imp

Cool Customs: Darriel Caston’s Impish Split Handle

Barry Wood’s split-handle folder inspires Darriel Caston’s clever keychain knife.
Custom Knife Corey Reynolds - Sawback Bowie

Cool Custom: Corey Ryenolds’ Copper-Mai Sawback Bowie

Inspired by Rambo's knife, Corey Reynolds' sawback bowie channels the genre in a copper-mai chevron pattern.
Eastern European Maker: Piotr Gosciniak tanto

Eastern European Knife Makers Meeting Custom Market’s Value Demands

An overinflated market for forged blades at home caused the author to look elsewhere. Oftentimes this has been to Eastern European Makers.
Military Knives Mount Rushmore 013 SOGb

Military Knives: Soldiers’ EDC From The Past 50 Years

Stepping away from standard issues, combat veterans recount the off-beat military knives they used day-to-day during their service.

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