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Seat belt cutting knives

How to Sharpen a Seat Belt Cutter on a Knife

Sharpening seat belt cutters (aka "strap cutters") isn't difficult, so long as you're using the right tool.
What is the hardest steel

What is the Hardest Steel on Earth?

The short answer is Nitinol, but that's not why knifemakers and collectors are so interested in it.
Randall dive knives

Dive Knives: Knife Collecting’s Sleeper Blades

Catch the wave on dive knives if you're looking to buy low now and sell high later.
Knife terminology

Know Your Knives: What is a Recurve Blade?

A blade’s profile geometry has a considerable effect on how well the knife works for an intended use. A blade with a substantial curve...
Collecting miniature knives

A Hug for a Knife? An Unorthodox Way to Start Collecting Miniature Knives

Knife collecting starts in different ways for everyone, but one person's journey to collecting miniature knives began with a simple offer: a hug for a knife.

What You Must Know Before Buying An Automatic Knife Online

Read this before you buy an automatic knife online.
how to give someone a knife

The Best Way to Hand Someone a Knife

Here's the only way to safely hand off a knife with an exposed blade. It's simple, and you'll look like a knife pro every time you do it.