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Medford Knife Moves For $100,000

Medford Knife listed a rendition of its flagship model for $100,000 last week and moved it out the door!

Fit and Finish 101: How to know it when you see it on a...

By Pat Covert Fit and finish is bandied about so often in cutlery circles it’s almost become one word, pronounced something like fittenfinnish. A newbie...

First-Rate Fliers: Top Throwing Knives Tested

Fun to fling, today’s throwing knives fly like the wind.
Are ballistic knives illegal

Ballistic Knife: The Most Illegal Knife in America

The most banned knife in the United States remains the ballistic knife. Here's a look at what ballistic knives are and how they became banned.

Four of the latest in factory axes

Four of the latest in factory axes have your hack Axes are handy for work done in the yard, camp or on the farm. A well-designed...
Camillus Mark III Mark 3 knives

Knife Collecting: The History of the Camillus M3

The Camillus M3 comes from an impressive lineage. Dive into Camillus Cutlery history to learn more.
Bolo knife review

Knife Review: A $7 Bolo?

How much chop can you get for seven bucks? The price tag can be misleading, as this custom bolo knife review shows.