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Living Legends

Meet The Living Legends Who Make Knives

A new book from the publishers of BLADE magazine, Greatest Living Knifemakers, celebrates today's legends who make knives in ways that most can only dream...
Knives what is a half stop

Knife Knowledge 101: What is a Half Stop?

Safety feature, bell and whistle, or what have you, the half stop on slipjoint knives stimulates lively discussion. Here's what you need to know.
Best blade steel

Knife Performance: Is Steel Type Really the Most Important?

The type of steel in the blade is only one factor in the performance of a knife. Heat treating, Rockwell hardness and geometry also matter.
What is a bushcraft knife

What Makes a Bushcraft Knife a Bushcraft Knife?

What is a bushcraft knife? Design matters, but function is even more important.
Knife safety tips

3 Tips for Introducing Kids to Knives

Here are three safety tips to keep in mind when introducing kids to using knives.


4 Cool Keychain Knives are Affordable, Compact, and Functional From a conversation piece to the handiest blade available, nothing adds to the everyday carry equation...


When it comes to EDC folder locks, the linerlock is hard to beat Few folding knife locks perform as well for everyday carry (EDC) as...

Must Read Articles

Read this before you make a knife

Knifemaking 101 – Read This Before You Make a Knife

  by Wayne Goddard My experience has taught me that there's nothing like digging in and getting started. I've often said the hardest part of the...
how to forge damascus steel

How to Forge Damascus