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4 Paring Knives for Mom

These four paring knives are perfect for celebrating mom on Mother's Day, or anyone else on any other day.
SIG SAUER knives

New Knives: Hogue & SIG SAUER Partner Up, RAT Worx Debuts X-Factor

SIG Sauer, best known for its firearms, will partner will Hogue Knives to produce an exclusive line of blades. Plus: RAT Worx shows off its new take on autos.
Medford Knife & Tool

Knife Shop Tour: Medford Knife & Tool

The Pocketknife Housewife (Jennifer Wood) takes a tour of Medford Knife & Tool and explores why it's as important to see how knives are made as much as why.

Photos: 6 Slim Custom Knives

See high-quality photos here of lean and keen custom knives made by Paul Brach, Edmund Davidson, Grace Horne, Cliff Parker, Bill Tuch and Daniel Winkler.
CRKT Snap On

5 New Knives (and 1 Survival Ax) for Rugged Use

BLADE takes a look at the CRKT Snap-On® RAVE® XL, CRKT HVAS, Benchmade 407 Vallation, Benchmade Bugout®, L.T. Wright (No Name) Knife and Off Grid Tools Survival Axe.
William Scagel World War II dagger

All About Collecting William Scagel Knives

All modern custom knife roads lead to William “Wales” Scagel. Here’s what collectors need to know about Scagel knife history, design and values.
Darrel Ralph Designs Hacker

Photos: 5 New Knives for Tough Spots and Sticky Situations

These new knives sport a variety of features, but they all share one thing in common: they'll stand up under pressure.