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Knife Preview: The Hogue K320, A Knife Designed with a Pistol in Mind

Hogue Knives partnered with SIG SAUER for a line of knives designed to be carried with SIG firearms. Here's a look at the K320, to be paired with the P320.
Columbia River Knife and Tool Linchpin

A Closer Look: CRKT Linchpin, featuring the Deadbolt® Lock

CRKT's new Linchpin folding knife features the Deadbolt lock system, an innovation by Flavio Ikoma. This lock offers security, safety and smooth opening.

Raboud Dagger Fetches $50,000

PROCEEDS BENEFIT WOUNDED WARRIOR OUTDOORS AND WILD SHEEP FOUNDATION The Raboud Dagger by award-winning knifemaker Dennis Friedly sold for $50,000 at a live auction this...

Newly-Made Blade May Also Be World’s Oldest

Tristan Dare forged his push dagger from meteorite billions of years old.

How to Buy Custom Knives Without Getting Ripped Off

Thinking of dipping your toe into the exciting world of collecting custom knives? Don't get ripped off. Read these tips first.
Antique bowie designs

Knives 101: What is a Dog-Bone Bowie Knife?

No, they're not made with bones of canines. This handle style dates back to the early 19th Century.
Best Army Knives

What U.S. Military Members Look for in a Knife

Forget what you've seen in the movies. Most members of the United States military look for three things when it comes to knives.