Knife Photos: 6 Fetching Custom Hunters

eli jensen custom knives

hl holbrook custom knives

The gentle rise of the tip area of the blade is the classic sign of a skinner—or in this instance, the Semi Skinner #2 by H.L. Holbrook. The 3.5-inch blade is CPM 154 stainless and the handle is stabilized maple. Overall length: 8 inches. Contact H.L. Holbrook, Dept. BL3, POB 483, Sandy Hook, KY 41171 606-794-1497. (Chuck Ward image)

custom hunting knife

Scott Gallagher employs a 3-inch damascus blade, a damascus single guard and a handle of Arizona ironwood for his hunter. Overall length: 6.5 inches. Contact Scott Gallagher, Dept. BL3, 335 Winsten Manor Rd., Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 850-865-8264. (Chuck Ward image)

custom hunting knife pictures


BLADE Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-Fame© member D’ Holder outfits his Big Dog fixed hunter in a 5.5-inch blade of 154 CPMV stainless, an ancient walrus ivory handle with scrimshaw by Stan Hawkins, and an engraved buttcap and guard by Bruce Shaw. Contact D’Holder, Dept. BL3, 226 West Blue Wash Rd., New River, AZ 85087 623-742-7399 [email protected] (SharpByCoop image)

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ben breda custom knives

A 4-inch clip-point blade of W2 tool steel with hamon and a spalted sycamore handle and fileworked copper spacer distinguish Ben Breda’s hunter. Overall length: 9 inches. Contact Ben Breda, Dept. BL3, 56 Blueberry Hill Rd., Hope, ME 04847 [email protected] (Caleb Royer image)

eli jensen custom knives

A gorgeous Arizona ironwood handle with a domed/curved 416 stainless steel butt plate and G-10 spacer, and a 5.75-inch blade of 1084 carbon steel help complete Eli Jensen’s Forester MKII hunting knife. Overall length: 10.75 inches. Contact Eli Jensen, Dept. BL3, 2840 W. Dreamscape Way, Chino Valley, AZ 86323 928-606-0373 [email protected], Facebook/Instagram: Eli Jensen. (Sharp-ByCoop image)

kenneth lange custom knives

Kenneth Lange received an order for this hunter by a family friend whose husband is celebrating 10 years on the police force—thus the thin blue line on the black G-10 handle. The 4.5-inch blade is 1095 carbon steel. Overall length: 9 inches. Contact Kenneth Lange, Dept. BL3, 1200 County Road 5711, LaCoste, TX 78039 210-218-9415 [email protected], Facebook/Instagram: kjl_handmadegoods KJLhandmadegoods. (SharpByCoop image)

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