Knife Photos: 5 Freaky Fantasy Knives

Knife Photos: 5 Freaky Fantasy Knives

They might not look real, but the knife photos don’t lie. These fantasy knives, each made by a wizard of custom knifemaking, bring to mind sword-and-sandal TV shows and movies.

Aaron Schwartz


Custom fantasy knife photos

Some dyed zebra bone and Alabama damascus, and a tree came to life in the blue woods, horns protruding from its skull as it wreaked havoc on the land. (PointSeven image)


Josef Rusnak

Fantasy knife photos

You don’t see much antelope bone on knives, nor too many 440C blades shaped like the “Dragon Claw,” which, in turn, wears the skin of a stingray with pride.


Logan Pearce

Custom knife photos

The Valkyrie, with filed O1 wings and blue mammoth ivory body, chooses those in battle who may live and those who die. (Ward image)


Jeff Knox

Photos of custom fantasy knives

The main tusks of the “Trandoshan Mount” are hollow-ground 440C bent at 30 degrees, the horns ground using 1- and 3-inch wheels and the body of white Corian. (PointSeven image)


Glenn Paul Smit

Photos of fantasy knife

The integral “knuckle duster” guard of the “Myrlande Machete” would dust ’em off if the 18-inch tool steel blade didn’t take care of them first. Silver skulls embellish the purple swirled acrylic grip, and the skull pommel is carved bone with purple glass eyes.


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