Photos: 6 Slim Custom Knives


There’s something about things that are slim and pointy that bespeak of sharp. Think your grandma’s hatpin, ice picks, that nasty hypodermic needle at the doctor’s office when you were a kid, etc. Lean knives can be keen, too. Here are a few. (Click on an image for a larger view.)


Edmund Davidson custom knife
Paul Brach’s reproduction of a Bob-Loveless-style fighter looks leaner than most in a black Micarta® grip and 8.5-inch blade of CPM 154 stainless. Overall length: 14.5 inches.
Cliff parker custom knife
Cliff Parker gets a whole bunch of his mosaic damascus of 4600E, 1084 and nickel in the 3-inch blade and bolsters on either side of a svelte mammoth ivory handle. The thumb stud is 18k gold. Approximate closed length: 3.75 inches.
Bill Tuch custom knife
Bill Tuch offers up one of his sculpted-handle folders in a thinner-than-usual version. The 3.5-inch blade is ATS-34 stainless and the handle is 416 stainless. Approximate closed length: 4 1/8 inches.
Grace Horne custom knife
Grace Horne revisits one of her favorite folder designs in a handle of wrought iron. The 2.5-inch modified sheepfoot blade is RWL-34 stainless steel. Approximate closed length: 4 1/16 inches.
Daniel Winkler custom knife
A dagger from the Winkler Knives II line by Daniel Winkler would appear to draw inspiration from any number of classic combat dagger designs. It comes with a conventional synthetic sheath (not pictured).
Edmund Davidson custom knife
Edmund Davidson’s long integral features a 6-inch blade of CPM 154 stainless in a hand-rubbed finish and a black-ash-burl handle. Overall length: 11.5 inches.

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