Knife News Wire 2/14/18 – Bear & Son Cutlery Plans Expansion


Bear & Son Cutlery Plans Expansion

bear and son alabama expansion

Who says domestic knife manufacturing is dying? Alabama-based knife company Bear & Son Cutlery will grow its Jacksonville facility and add new jobs. From The Anniston Star:

Bear & Son Cutlery in Jacksonville plans to take a stab at expanding production and adding more jobs.

The knife manufacturer expects to buy equipment and hire around 25 people over the next two years to meet growing customer demand.

Assisting with the expansion is a local tax abatement, as well as a generous knife pun on behalf of the Star.

What’s Life Like After Forged in Fire?

Steve Gorsvenor competed and won on Forged in Fire, the History Channel program. But what happens after the lights go out and the knifemakers go home?

The Argus Leader caught up with Gorsvenor to ask just that. From the article:

He’s never done learning. Never done perfecting his craft.

“A simple score in music, right? A simple score is just a few notes and it’s very straightforward. Nothing fancy,” Grosvenor said. “When you get into a forged blade, the score can be Beethoven. I mean, it’s just where do you want it to end?”

In other words, knifemakers don’t know how to stop. An appearance on a popular TV show isn’t the peak. It’s another stop on the journey into the craft of knifemaking.

Grosvenor likely isn’t alone. Contestants, as BLADE reported here, experience a boost in sales after appearing on the show. They don’t rest on their laurels for long.

A Steak Knife that Looks Like a Scalpel

On Feb. 19, new knife company Skalpel will launch a Kickstarter to prime the pump for its steak knife. The twist? It looks like a scalpel.

While some most Kickstarter knives should be taken with a grain of salt, the Skalpel is backed up by an actual knifemaker, Stuart Mitchell, out of Sheffield, England. Each knife is made from “high carbon, surgical grade steel,” per the website.

No word yet on whether there will be a matching fork.

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