Knife News Wire 1/3/18 – $10 Knife Tops 2017’s Best-Selling Knives at Online Retailer

Knife News Wire 1/3/18 – $10 Knife Tops 2017’s Best-Selling Knives at Online Retailer
One potential problem with the ban is that some fossil ivories resemble elephant ivory, such as the mammoth ivory on the handle of this dagger by Russ Andrews. (SharpByCoop photo)
Russ Andrews uses fossil ivory on this dagger. (SharpByCoop photo)

$10 Knife Tops 2017’s Best-Selling Knives at Blade HQ

If you want to know what kind of a year 2017 was for knives, it’s best to start by asking a retailer. Blade HQ put together a nice roundup of its top seven best sellers. Spoiler alert: The number one spot goes to a knife priced at $10.

Prediction: Best-Selling Chef Knife of 2018

Not one to be late to the party, Gadget Review is already calling 2018’s best-selling chef knife as the 10-inch Shun Classic. From the article:

Forged with 33 layers of high-carbon VG10 steel at a 16-degree angle, the Shun Classic is the perfect beginner’s knife for anyone who’s looking to upgrade their cutlery game and want a knife that will last them for the long haul. A Rockwell hardness rating of 61 means you’ll rarely have to re-sharpen it on your own, while its resin-impregnated Pakkawood handle fits comfortably in any size hand.

We here are BLADE will provide all the fainting couches you need to deal with the shock of a Shun knife on a list of best blades for the kitchen. I doubt we’ll be busy.

A Knife Made Out of a Solid Piece of Fish

Katsuobushi is a smoked and dried type of tunafish used in Japanese cuisines. It’s also about as hard a food as you can find. That’s why it’s shaved into flakes and used as a base for soups or sauces. 

So why not make it into a knife?

Knives and Political Commemoratives: Pure Americana

Mentioned only in passing in the article here at the Hartford Courant, there apparently exists a switchblade made to commemorate President John F. Kennedy’s run for the White House. It’s now on display at a museum that celebrates the “Kennedy Mystique.” 

A switchblade, made during his campaign, has a carved face that bears little resemblance to JFK.

A photo was not attached to the article.

Pairing politics with commemorative knives is an act of undiluted Americana that continues to this day. At the 2016 BLADE Show, in the heat of a summer of politicking, presidential candidates’ faces and slogans adorned many knives and accessories. 

This is a good sign for collectors. Wait a while, and that political commemorative – even if it features a face bearing “little resemblance” to a candidate – could fetch a nice price.

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