Knife News Wire 12/19/17 – Apple Watch Designer Collects Rare Knives

Knife News Wire 12/19/17 – Apple Watch Designer Collects Rare Knives

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Designer of Apple Watch Collects Rare Knives

You’ve probably seen Marc Newson’s work before, but the knife world may not know him by name. He’s designed Apple Watches and airplanes, but knives are his true passion. If you missed this CNN profile, be sure to watch the video here.

From the profile:

“The thing that really fascinates me about knives is that they’re man-made … They’re probably the very first tool that we made, so it’s a little bit like the wheel in a way, it’s a monumental invention and evolution.”

Read more.

Guide to Visiting NYC: Leave Knives at Home

Above the Law, a website covering the legal industry, recently published 5 Holiday Tips On How Not To Get Arrested In NYC. If you guessed that the loose definitions of “switchblades” would make an appearance, you guessed right.

From the article:

The size of the blade and how it opens could make carrying a knife criminal. If it’s a switchblade (opens by centrifugal force), it’s criminal. It doesn’t matter if you’re not using it, just carry it for work, or bought it legally. It’s still a crime.

Let that “centrifugal force” comment sink in, and hope you’re not working in a trade that requires turning one piece of something into two. Read the full article here.

Scouting Knives and School Safety

School safety is an important issue, but what happens when disciplinary policies can’t forgive honest mistakes?

Such is the case with a 13-year-old student in Massachusetts, who apparently didn’t intend to bring a Boy Scout knife to school. The district levied a suspension, although it denied that it has a zero tolerance policy for such items.

From the Patriot Ledger:

[The student’s parent] says the school overreached in its punishment of her son who never took the knife out of his backpack while in school and also objects to the classification of the scouting knife as a weapon.

Read the full article here.

Video: Using Balloons to Test Knife Sharpness

What to do with those leftover birthday balloons? Here’s one idea. If you can cut the plastic ribbon that hangs down after you let the balloon float to the ceiling, you’ve got yourself a nice edge.

Thanks to @bc_cutlery on Twitter for the demo.

Video: Knife Used to Save Raccoon

“Knives Save Lives” is a slogan you’ll hear often in stories about first responders, but what about raccoons?

This video made the rounds on social media depicting just that. Here’s a hint for the next time this happens: There’s no reason it has to take that long to cut through tarp. Time for a bigger knife, dude.

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