Knife News Wire 2/21/18 – New York Gravity Knife Laws Scrutinized in HBO Show

HBO’s Vice News Covers New York Gravity Knife Laws

If there’s one issue in the world of knife laws that transcends the knife community, it’s the way New York handles illegal “gravity knives.”

The state’s generous definition of what qualifies as a gravity knife lands thousands of New Yorkers in hot water each year. Were they in the act of committing a crime, that’d be one thing. However, those most affected by these laws are people who use knives for work, like construction workers and chefs.

In New York City, that is especially true for people of color, as documented here. One minute they’re trying to do their jobs, the next minute they’re looking at felony charges.

It’s outrageous, and it caught the attention of Vice News. The producers tapped Doug Ritter of Knife Rights for putting this into context. Ritter does a great job explaining the situation. Here’s the clip:

On two separate occasions, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed legislation to correct this poor approach to knife possession. 


The Key to Using a Knife in the Kitchen is…Your Feet?

how to use a cutting board

So says this article from Good Food

“Many home cooks stand side-on to a chopping board,” when they should “stand front on, with a good stance,” about five centimetres from the chopping board, Gonsalves says.

The article also features another good tip: forget about how much a knife costs. What’s important is the feel. An inexpensive yet comfortable knife is better than an awkward high-end blade.

Read the full article here.

Yes, You Can Survive a Stab in the Back (Warning: Graphic Images)

A man in Brazil stabbed in the back with a kitchen knife survived long enough to make it to the hospital for treatment, as the Daily Mail reported. Not only that, he walked around with the handle sticking out of him for some time, acting cool and calm despite the gruesome injury.

BLADE won’t post images here, but you can see more in the article if you’re morbidly curious. 

Thankfully, the knife was removed and the man survived. Your lunch, on the other hand, may not.

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