This is a “how to stain curly maple wood” tutorial, Jon P. Moore shows what stain to use, how to prepare the wood and what to use for a gloss finish on one of his custom knives. The finished knife is shown at the end of the video.

BLADE did a quick interview with Jon about hand cleanup after rubbing the oil into the wood handles.

Editor Steve Shackleford: “Good video, Jon. Short and to the point. Those are the best kind. Question for you. When you rub the oil into the handle so aggressively with your bare hands, are there any dangers of harmful effects to you from absorbing the oil into your skin? Do you wash your hands with some kind of solvent or some such afterward?”

Jon: “Steve, the ‘Tru-Oil’ is weird stuff, I ran out of time on the video. It dries so fast, I don’t believe much, if any, is absorbed into the skin. I spray WD-40 on my hands, then wipe them with a paper towel, and my hands are completely clean, dry and not tacky. I had to edit that part out for time. I was told, this is a ‘hand rub finish’ done by custom gun builders. As for long term effects, I don’t know.”

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