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Andrew Meers pizza cutter

Cool Customs: Andrew Meers’ Pizza Cutter

You can never have too much pizza, and you can never go wrong buying a pizza cutter made by Andrew Meers.
Kurt Swearingen hunting set

Cool Customs: Kurt Swearingen’s Buffalo Hunter Set

From one-day course to one-of-a-kind knives, Kurt Swearingen's Buffalo Hunter Set shows how quickly the knifemaker honed his craft.
The author up close and personal with an X-Rhea Knife forged red hot.

Mastersmith Lin Rhea Honored As Arkansas Living Treasure

Master bladesmith Lin Rhea was recently recognized as an Arkansas Living Treasure by the Arkansas Arts Council.
Matt Williams BBQ Chef's Knife

Cool Customs: Matt Williams’ BBQ Chef’s Knife

A woodworker by trade, Matt Williams crafts knives meant for rugged use, including his BBQ Chef's Knife.
Burt Flanagan

Shop Dump: Burt Flanagan

A disciple of Bill Ruple, Burt Flanagan has been making knives for nearly a decade and crafts some of the finest slip joints in the Lone Star State.
Hubbs Knife

Copper Damascus: An Exciting New Way To Make Knives

Whether you call it copper san-mai, cu-mai, or anything else, copper damascus is one of the trendiest ways to forge knives today.
Lurquin knife

Allure Of The Subhilt

The subhilt provides an additional element to make a knife one of a kind. These makers show what a subhilt can be.

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how to forge damascus steel

How to Forge Damascus