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Knifemaking: Frame Handle Construction

KNIFE SHOP BY JASON FRY Are you up to the challenge of frame handle construction? Frame handle construction for knives has been around for centuries. Historical...
Making knives Vikings

Making Knives By Smelting Bog Iron

Making knives with iron fished out of bogs? It's an ancient technique, but it still works, and a few people are still making knives
Best knife handle

The Best Knife Handle-to-Blade Ratio

Is there a golden ratio when it comes to the lengths of blades and handles on knives? We asked some acclaimed knifemakers for answers.
Knifemaking Tips

Tips for Making Knives: Forging During the Summer

Forging knives during a heat wave can be dangerous. Knifemakers, here are some helpful hints to get you through the hot times.
Ancient Bog Oak

Ancient Bog Oak: Knife Handles Thousands of Years in the Making

Ancient bog oak takes thousands of years to create. It also makes for excellent custom knife handles. Here are some examples.
ABS Master Smith J.D. Smith Knives

Knifemaking: ABS Master Smith J.D. Smith’s 4 Principles

American Bladesmith Society (ABS) master smith J.D. Smith shares the four principles that he developed for a career of making knives.
Living Legends

Meet The Living Legends Who Make Knives

A new book from the publishers of BLADE magazine, Greatest Living Knifemakers, celebrates today's legends who make knives in ways that most can only dream...