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Birds beak bowies

What is a Bird’s-Beak Handle?

You've seen it countless times before. Did you know it had a name?
Knifemaking documentary

Mini-Documentary: American Forged – A Knight with Neil

Neil Kamimura joins Jason Knight to make some incredible forged creations, from battle axes to kukris, in this American Forged video.
Murray Carter Documentary

Mini-Documentary: American Forged – Carter Cutlery Hand-Forged Knives

Get a front row seat with Murray Carter of Carter Cutlery to learn his journey to becoming one of the most respected knifemakers in the industry.
Hammer In Videos

Video – American Forged: Hammer In with Travis Wuertz

BLADE partnered with Recoil TV to bring you this beautifully produced mini-documentary about knifemakers at Travis Wuertz's annual Hammer In.
World Trade Center steel knife

9/11: A Knife Forged From World Trade Center Steel

Here's a look at the knives Murray Carter made from World Trade Center debris to raise funds for families impacted by the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
KnifeArt’s Larry Connelley said Duane Dwyer’s reputation for knife innovation helps place him among the makers to watch in the coming year. Dwyer’s SnG with a titanium frame carries a KnifeArt price of $1,200. (KnifeArt image)

Knifemaking 101: Why Do Knifemakers Use Titanium?

Titanium is tough, lightweight, relatively soft and reactive. It's no wonder it's endured for more than two decades.
What is the hardest steel

Knifemaking 101: What Is SM-100 (Nitinol)?

The short answer is Nitinol, but that's not why knifemakers and collectors are so interested in it.