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Hammer In Videos

Video – American Forged: Hammer In with Travis Wuertz

BLADE partnered with Recoil TV to bring you this beautifully produced mini-documentary about knifemakers at Travis Wuertz's annual Hammer In.
World Trade Center steel knife

9/11: A Knife Forged From World Trade Center Steel

Here's a look at the knives Murray Carter made from World Trade Center debris to raise funds for families impacted by the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
KnifeArt’s Larry Connelley said Duane Dwyer’s reputation for knife innovation helps place him among the makers to watch in the coming year. Dwyer’s SnG with a titanium frame carries a KnifeArt price of $1,200. (KnifeArt image)

Knifemaking 101: Why Do Knifemakers Use Titanium?

Titanium is tough, lightweight, relatively soft and reactive. It's no wonder it's endured for more than two decades.
What is the hardest steel

Knifemaking 101: What Is SM-100 (Nitinol)?

The short answer is Nitinol, but that's not why knifemakers and collectors are so interested in it.
Integral art knives

Are Integral Knives Stronger Than Standard Knives?

Are integral knives - knives made from one piece of metal - the strongest type of knife? Two knifemakers offer their surprising answers.

Video: Unfolding Forged Mosaic Damascus

In this video, Tom Ward explains how to unfold forged mosaic damascus during the Wuertz Machine Works 2019 Hammer In.

Video: Making Knives at the Wuertz 2019 Hammer In

BLADE had a blast at the Wuertz Machine Works 2019 Hammer In in March in Arizona. Watch video of the bladesmithing here and get to know a few knifemakers.