Video: How to Grind a Forged Blade


American Bladesmith Society (ABS) master smith Jerry Fisk explains how to profile a forged blade on a grinder in this video.

Pay special attention to Fisk’s tip at the beginning of the video. Wear earplugs while running a grinder for best results. That way, you’ll be relaxed throughout the entire process.

“If you’re tense, you’re not going to get smooth operating,” Fisk says in the video.

Fisk also recommends wearing a face mask while grinding if a ventilation system is not present in the shop. Not doing so will turn your lungs into “canteens,” as Fisk says.

Learn More About Knife Grinding

How to Grind a Knife Blade
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  • Shaping the Tip
  • Two-hand pass
  • Tapering the Blade Tang

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