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First Look: Boker Gnome

The Boker Gnome is a fun little fixed blade that's an excellent neck knife and can serve you well as an EDC.

Shaving Sharp

Thanks to the internet, straight razors are back in style. These trio of blades can keep you looking sharp and feeling smooth.

5 Best Pocketknife Options For EDC [2022]

The pocketknife is one of the most durable and versatile tools you can have. With so many varieties it can be hard to find the right one. These five are among the best around today.
Boker Trapper Red Bone

First Look: Trapper Red Bone

Boker has made a beautiful two-blade slip joint that is both a great EDC and excellent as a knife for the outdoors.

BIG Blades: 4 Monster Choppers for the Bush

BY JAMES MORGAN AYRES Wherever folks live close to the earth, they use big knives Little knives are convenient to carry but, if you have a...

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