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BLADE Show Factory Knife Debuts 2023

Eyeball a few factory knives that will debut at the BLADE Show.
Gentleman’s Trapper half stop

Rothman Knives Gentleman’s Trapper Review

Cultured good looks, but blue collar performance the Rothman Knives' Gentleman's Trapper cuts the perfect profile of a classy EDC knife.

Best Push Dagger: Background And Buyer’s Guide (2023)

For Self-Defense or just for some collection swagger, nothing beats the formidable push dagger.
Profiles of all rescue tools

Best Rescue Tools & Knives: Must-Have Lifesavers (2023)

Emergencies happen anytime, anywhere. This means, having the best rescue tools & knives at hand is imperative.
Vintage Nakiri Knife

Best Nakiri Knife: What To Know About This Japanese Kitchen Classic

Have vegetables that need knocked down to size? Get chopping with the Nakiri. The Japanese people have historically produced excellent knives specialized for dedicated tasks....
A sailor's delight, a rigging knife still makes modern nautical chores a lot less tasking.

Ahoy Matey: Rigging Knife Buyer’s Guide

Battened down the hatches, we’re going full-speed ahead talking about the sailor’s rigging knife!
Hawk Creek Blade provides a non-sharpened, coated mild steel trainer blade (right) to practice your twirls and swirls without cutting yourself. It’s a very good addition to the overall package.

Hawk Creek Blade E-VAC Review: Cutting-Edge Karambit?

Cutting-Edge Karambit-Style Knife? Or Dull Player? The author searches for his cutting mojo with the Hawk Creek Blade E-VAC.

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