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Knife Handles: Gripping Use Of Natural Materials

These beauties look as good to the eye as they feel in the hand.
Custom Hunting Knife Malosh-Forged-Elk-Hunter

What Defines The Best Custom Hunting Knives?

Want a top-notch option to take on you next backwoods adventure here's what to look for in a custom hunting knife... and some sharp examples.
Stage Handle Mille

Stag Handle: Custom Knives That Are Bad To The Bone

Rough as a mountain ridge and ready as razor-sharp edge, nothing beats stag handles—especially on these custom stunners.
Whiskey and Knife

Emerson Whiskey Co.: Bowies ‘N Bourbon At BLADE Show

This sounds like the perfect pair. Ernest Emerson to debut Emerson Whiskey Co. and the Whiskey Knife at BLADE Show ’23.
BLADE Show Texas M.A.C.K. winner from Keanison Knives

Machine Assisted Custom Knives (M.A.C.K.): What It Takes To Compete In This Class

M.A.C.K. is one of the newest custom knife categories. Here's what it takes to compete in this class at BLADE Show

Cool Custom: Payne’s Gal Leg Is Sharp And Sexy

Travis Payne’s knife has all the right curves in all the right places
Very popular in his home country of Slovakia, Jan Hafinec outfits his custom utility hunter in a 5-inch blade of forged C105 carbon steel sporting a flashy double hamon. Handle: presentation desert ironwood. Guard and sub hilt: stainless steel. Overall length: 10 inches. Sheath: by the maker and of leather. Maker’s price for a similar knife: $699. (Impress By Design image)

Custom Utility Hunters: Defining What Makes One The Best

When it comes to custom knives, the best utility hunters have many of the features outlined herein.

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