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How to Sharpen a Knife

Whether you're a hunter, outdoorsman, knife enthusiast, collector or experienced survivalist, learning the basics of knife sharpening often takes a backseat to more pressing matters.

What Are The Best EDC Knives?

“You could poll 10 people and have 10 different opinions on what the ideal EDC knife is,” suggests Dan Weidner of Boker USA.
U.S. ivory ban targets the poor.

Featured Knife: Tom Kreger Carolina Field Knife

The new Tom Kreger Carolina Field Knife from Sarge Knives gets high marks for the little extras that set it apart from the crowded field of fixed blades.

Fairbanks Knifemaker Gets Good, Solid Press!

Fairbanks, Alaska, knifemaker Mark Knapp not only built and reportedly patented a cool .1911 Combat Survivor Knife, but he recently received some well-deserved press on the piece.

Conversation Overheard @ the BLADE Show

This gentleman was interested in buying the "First 25 years of BLADE Collection: 1973-1997" DVD.

Why Get Knives Photographed?

The reasons to have knives photographed are many.

Knives So New, They’re Not Out Yet!

These are models some of the largest knife manufacturers in the world plan to debut at the show, so consider this a "sneak peek," if you will.