Why Get Knives Photographed?


Knifemakers have a hard enough time making a living doing what they love without added expenses. So what are the benefits of paying a professional photographer to photograph their knives for them?

The reasons to have knives photographed are many. As managing editor of BLADE Magazine, I can tell you that often when knifemakers send me images of their newest models for possible publication, the self- or friend-taken digital images are low resolution, fuzzy, with busy backgrounds or too low quality for a high-gloss, color magazine. The images might look good on a website, computer screen or printed, but once reproduced on quality magazine paper, in four color, they lose their crispness and look fuzzy.

Here are some other reasons to have your knives photographed by a pro from photographer Jim Cooper of SharpByCoop.com.

The benefit of a professional image will promote you in a number of ways: 

  • Large clear print for your portfolio
  • Crisp website image for email or display 
  • Large digital file for printing
  • Posted and viewed by thousands on Bladeforums, CKCA forum, and our SBC Facebook page
  • All files are sent to USA and International editors of knife magazines
  • Guaranteed: Your knives are always available to view and search on our extensive website
  • A professional image shows you take pride in your work


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