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Best blade steel

Knife Performance: Is Steel Type Really the Most Important?

The type of steel in the blade is only one factor in the performance of a knife. Heat treating, Rockwell hardness and geometry also matter.

Watch for “Forged In Fire” on History Channel

A new blade forging competition series will air on the History Channel this summer.
New BLADE® on newsstands now!

New BLADE® Hits Newsstands TODAY!

The "Shoreline" kick-stop flipper by Lee Williams jumps off the cover of the new BLADE®, on most newsstands TODAY! Need your quarterly fix on the...
Debuting on newsstands today, the new BLADE sports the Shirogorov brothers' Hati on the cover.

New BLADE® On Newsstands Now!

Get the lowdown on the latest knife hotbed of Russia in the new BLADE®—on newsstands NOW! Sporting the Hati flipper folder by Russia's hot knifemaking...
Duck Dynasty celebrity will be a special guest of the new Frost retail knife store this Saturday.

New Knife Store Will Host Duck Dynasty Celebrity

Frost Cutlery's new retail knife store will host a Duck Dynasty celebrity Saturday, Dec. 14. Tim Guraedy, better known as "Mountain Man" from A&E's "Duck...
Automatics such as the Spyderco Embassy would be legal among law-abiders if a proposed Tennessee bill is passed. (Spyderco photo)

Pending Knife Laws Need Your Help

State knife laws designed to protect your rights are pending in Florida and Tennessee, according to a Knife Rights news release. In Florida, SB458 is...