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Kevin Casey mother of pearl handle knives

Cool Customs: Kevin Casey’s Little Feather Knives

Kevin Casey feathers his cap with an outstanding array of custom throwback blades.
Franco de Souza CSA Bowie

Latin America’s Elite Knife Crafters: Custom Blades and Their Makers

The knifemakers of Argentina and Brazil have revolutionized the world of cut.
Jared Oeser—here critiquing a show patron’s knife

What Do Judges Look At In Custom Knife Competitions?

Know some of the criteria judges use to evaluate custom knives.
Josh Blout War club

Cool Customs: Blount’s War Club Dusts Off Mohican Memories

Josh Blount reproduces Chingachgook’s gunstock war club. ABS apprentice smith Josh Blount recently rewatched the 1992 version of The Last of the Mohicans, and the...
Adam Fromholtz Steampunk Assassin Injector

New Knives: Custom Options From All Categories And Continents

Hot haves by custom makers from around the globe.
taka v2s

Cool Custom: Brian Brown’s Taka v2s

Not one of his everyday builds, the Taka v2s by Brian Brown features a notable blade, handle and lock.
Ray Rybar's Prospector handle

Cool Custom: Ray Rybar’s Prospector Push Dagger Strikes It Rich

Sourced from Geronimo country Rybar's Prospector dagger and bolo combo prove pure gold.

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