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Samurai Chef’s Knives

Few knives have been as heavily influenced by Japanese methods as the chef's knife.These four quality blades show off the modern meeting the historic.

Best Japanese Pocketknives: 5 Excellent Examples

More known for swords and kitchen knives, there is a robust market of Japanese pocketknife makers. This handful of blades stand out as some of the best from the land of the rising sun.

Best Japanese Kitchen Knives Worth A Look [2022]

Japanese-made knives are prized for their toughness and sharpness. Today, they're still made with techniques developed during the Samurai era.

Japanese War Swords Part II

BY LEON KAPP The great World War II Japanese swordsmiths, war sword souvenirs and more Kurihara Akihide established the Nippon To Denshujo. Akihide was a member...

Japanese War Swords Part I

By Leon Kapp Japanese swords are iconic as ever It was over seven long decades ago on Sept. 2, 1945, that the Japanese signed the agreement...

How to Make a Sushi Knife

By Wally Hayes Sushi knives are light, thin, very sharp and a blast to make. Here’s how I make them from start to finish. For blade...

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