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Jim Sargent

Jim Sargent, Renowned Knife Retailer, Passes Away

Jim Sargent, long-time antique pocketknife dealer and knife retailer, passed away on Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018.
Herman Schneider knifemaker

Herman Schneider, Custom Knifemaking Pioneer, Passes Away

Herman Schneider, one of the most talented of the pioneering custom knifemakers of the 1970s and beyond, passed away Jan. 26. He was 87.
Medieval knives

Knife News Wire 2/5/18 – Medieval Knives Doubled as Erasers?

When writers in medieval times made a typo, they used knives like erasers.

Knife News Wire 2/2/18 – Knifemaker Presents $50,000 Bowie to President Trump

A Florida knifemaker made a bowie knife worth $50,000 and presented it to President Donald Trump as a gift.
facebook newsfeed changes

Knife News Wire 2/1/18 – Facebook Puts the Screws to Knife Community

New Facebook rules for Pages make it even more difficult for knife-centric Pages to reach their audiences.

Knife News Wire 1/29/18: New “Crocodile Dundee” Movie is a Fake

The trailer for the reboot of the "Crocodile Dundee" movie that went viral is for a movie that doesn't exist. It's part of a marketing campaign to encourage Australian tourism.
Jim Bowie brother knife

Knife News Wire 1/18/18 – Is This Jim Bowie’s Brother’s Knife?

Is a knife donated to a Texas museum really that of James Bowie's brother? BLADE has its doubts. PLUS: Meet the knifemaker who learned his craft by performing autopsies.