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Canada knife law

Knife News Wire 1/17/18 – Knife Industry Reacts to Canada’s New Knife Prohibitions

Knifemakers and knife companies in the U.S. and elsewhere are scrambling to address new rules banning the import of most folding knives into Canada.
Canada bans knives

Knife News Wire 1/16/18: Canada Bans Imports of One-Hand Opening Knives

Don't bring knives that can open with one hand into Canada.
Queen Cutlery Company bankrupt

Queen Cutlery Co. Ceases Production, Reorganizes

Queen Cutlery Co. ceased production and closed its facility in Titusville, Pennsylvania, on Jan. 10, 2017.
Knife sharpening robot machine

Knife News Wire 1/8/18 – Artificial Intelligence Comes to Knife Sharpeners

Coming to a Knife Sharpener Near You: Artificial Intelligence You've got to hand it to the robots when it comes to knife sharpening. Literally. Hand...
kershaw knives

Knife News Wire 1/5/18 – One-Third of Pocketknife Owners are Women

In this edition: About a third of pocketknife owners are women, check out knife shows in January and February, make a survival knife with what's in your garage and more.
Russ Andrews uses fossil ivory on his dagger. (SharpByCoop photo)

Knife News Wire 1/3/18 – $10 Knife Tops 2017’s Best-Selling Knives at Online Retailer

A $10 knife topped the list for the best-selling blades of 2017, according to one online retailer. PLUS: A knife made out of a solid piece of fish?
BLADE Show art knife award

Knife News Wire 1/2/18 – Custom Knives Heating Up Australia

A 14-year-old knifemaker in Australia who forges her own blades says there is a resurgence in interest in quality, handmade items like knives.