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knives used in the rambo movies

Now on Newsstands: BLADE’s Rambo Issue

BLADE magazine celebrates 35 years of Rambo with a special edition. Learn more about the iconic knives used in the movies.
Friedly art knife

Knife News Wire 12/22/17 – This Government Tracks Knife Buyers with QR Codes

A new "anti-terrorism" initiative in one part of China is using QR codes to match knives to knife purchasers. What could go wrong? Everything.
Knife handle wooly mammoth

Knife News Wire 12/21/17 – Knife Used to Free “Cocaine Smuggler”

The United States Coast Guard probably wasn't expecting this when it came across cocaine bricks worth millions of dollars floating in the ocean.
American Bladesmith Society journeyman smith Kyle Gahagan loves to craft large bowies.

Knife News Wire 12/20/17 – Running a Garage Op? Beware

City Shuts Down Knifemaking Operation in Garage The first phase of a knifemaking business likely starts in the garage. If that sounds familiar to you,...
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Knife News Wire 12/19/17 – Apple Watch Designer Collects Rare Knives

You've probably seen Marc Newson's work before, but you may not know him by name. He's designed Apple Watches and airplanes, but knives are his true passion.
Trench Cleaver and BLADE

Knife News Wire 12/18/17 – How Much is a $75,000 Knife Worth?

Knife start-ups face a tougher time securing financing because of backers' leeriness toward "weapons."
Burns's big blades

Knife News Wire 12/15/17 – Japanese Swordsmithing Going Extinct

This is the first installment of the Knife News Wire, a regular series that takes a wide look at the world of knives.