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Peddinghous 220-pound solid steel anvil

Shop Dump: Murray Carter’s Tools Stick To His Knifemaking Roots

Carter's training at the elbow of a Japanese master smith shows in his shop.
Bubba Crouch's Outlaw grinder


Part of the Texas Slipjoint Cartel, Bubba Crouch shares the tools with witch he crafts his creations.

Shop Dump: Burt Flanagan

A disciple of Bill Ruple, Burt Flanagan has been making knives for nearly a decade and crafts some of the finest slip joints in the Lone Star State.

Shop Dump: Kirby Lambert, Mike Quesenberry, And Rick Eaton

Three knifemakers take us into their shop to show us their process and how they forge steel into beautiful blades.

Shop Dump: Tom Krein, Jerry Moen, And Ben Breda

Acclaimed makers Tom Krein, Jerry Moen, and Ben Breda take us into their workshops and show us how they turn steel into knives.

Shop Dump: Salem Straub & Andreas Kalani

A pair of gifted knifemakers show off the tools they use to turn raw steel into razor-sharp works of art.

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