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XM-18 Slippy

Slip Joint Knife: Best Modern Takes On The Classic Design

The latest in factory slip-joint pocketknives make great EDC tools. This quartet of blades does a little bit of everything and would make any knife lover happy.
Britton badger

Cool Customs: Tim Britton’s Badger

Inspired by the Keen Kutter pen knife, Tim Britton's Badger is a refined modern version of the classic knife.

Unconditionally Traditional: The Beauty Of Custom Pocketknives

Custom pocketknives always seem to make us feel nostalgic. These models from talented custom makers are all gems.
ruby mini copperlock

First Look: Case Ruby Mini CopperLock

The Case Mini CopperLock looks great and functions like a champ. A modern take on the classic slip joint is sure to please.
OKC Old Hickory

First Look: OKC Old Hickory

The Ontario Knife Company's new knife, the Old Hickory, is a modern take on the classic outdoor slip joint folder.

How To Close A Pocketknife

There is no one way to close a pocketknife. Different blade styles mean there are many different ways to safely close them.
Boker Trapper Red Bone

First Look: Trapper Red Bone

Boker has made a beautiful two-blade slip joint that is both a great EDC and excellent as a knife for the outdoors.

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