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Guilford Art Center Holds Juried Knife Exhibit

The Guilford Art Center in Guildford, Connecticut, announces "Contemporary Knife Smithing: A Juried and Invitational Exhibition," and is calling for submissions.

8 Amazing Additions To Any Knife Book Library

When you look at these eight knife books that F&W Media has put out, they're not only impressive as a whole, but each individual title is clearly an example of quality work.

Viking “Ulfberht” Sword Stars on Nova Tonight

Watch Nova on PBS tonight as Ric Furrer takes you through the creation of the legendary Viking sword known as the "Ulfberht."     Specializing in...

Book Review: ”Spirit of the Sword”

Dear Mr. Shackleford- Today I published my first book review. I choose your book-"Spirit of the Sword." I hope my review meets with your approval. Here...

Everybody Wing Chung Tonight (with Knives 2013 Wing Chung Swords)

Featured in the "Foray Into the Far East" Trends section of the Knives 2013 book are a pair of Richard Van Dijk "Wing Chung" Chinese...

Salute Conan’s Birthday With “Spirit of the Sword”

Celebrate Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 65th birthday today by reading about his Conan sword and other movie long blades in “Spirit of the Sword.”     Designed by...

Waki Talk: What’s Hot in Wakizashis

The wakizashi may be the most sensible and useful Japanese sword. Between a katana and tanto in length, the “waki” is long enough for...