Knives Meet Dinosaurs in Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World 2 Fallen Kingdom knife
Looks like it's carried scout-style once again. (Universal Pictures)


Jurassic World, the reboot of the Jurassic Park movie franchise, debuted in 2015 to the delight of both dinosaur and knife enthusiasts. The lead protagonist, Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), carried a custom knife made by Steve Auvenshine. Not only did the knife feature in a critical action scene, it sported a handsome leather sheath.

Here’s a look:

Jurassic World 2 Fallen Kingdom knives
Carried scout-style, no less. (Universal Pictures)

Judging by the trailer released last week, Chris Pratt’s character will use something similar in Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom, to be released June 22, 2018. Here’s a still:

Jurassic World 2 Fallen Kingdom knife
Looks like it’s carried scout-style once again. (Universal Pictures)

Here’s a closer look:

Jurassic World 2 knives
Appears pretty similar to the knife used in the first Jurassic World. (Universal Pictures)

In a conversation over Facebook, Auvenshine confirmed that while he made the knife used in Jurassic World, he was not commissioned to make one for the sequel. 

A request for more information from Universal Pictures went unanswered as of this writing.

It’s only speculative, but it’s possible this is the same knife made for the original Jurassic World.

In the meantime, here is the full trailer:

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