Let’s Identify the Knife in “The Commuter” Movie

Let’s Identify the Knife in “The Commuter” Movie

Not to be confused with the Gerber Commuter, Liam Neeson’s latest action movie, Taken 4 The Commuter (in theaters Jan. 12) features at least one knife that this BLADE writer can spot. One early review made note of its use in scenes involving, “stabbing with knives.”

Here’s the trailer:

And here’s a still of the knife in question:

the commuter movie liam neeson knife

Identifying the knife is tricky given how brief it appears in the trailer. It sports two edges and a spear point, so it’s most likely a dagger. The position of the hand and the obscurity of the handle suggests a push dagger.

It brings to mind the Cold Steel FGX Blade II:

Cold Steel FGX Blade II Push Dagger

It wouldn’t be the first time Cold Steel knives made an appearance in a movie, but this is only a guess. The keychain hole in the handle certainly lines up with the commuting theme. The FGX sports a plastic-fiberglass polymer (Grivory) blade, although it’s unclear if that’s relevant.

However, the blade in the movie still looks longer than the FGX’s 2.5 inches. The FGX’s fuller (aka “blood groove”) isn’t visible in the clip, either.

Regardless, I’m going with some sort of small dagger similar to what Cold Steel produces. It just as well could be a product of the prop department, but I’d like to think studios use the real deal. Maybe a trip to the theater is in order. This looks like a good popcorn flick for a cold, wintery day.

5/4/18 UPDATE: The Knife is a Benchmade SOCP 176

SOCP dagger

Thanks to some sharp-eyed BLADE readers, this knife was identified as a Benchmade SOCP 176. Thanks to everyone who got in touch!

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