CANCON 2022 VIP Bag: Deep Dive Into The Goodies!

CANCON 2022 VIP Bag: Deep Dive Into The Goodies!

We’re not trying to rub it in that you missed out on the 2022 VIP bags at CANCON in Georgia, but you might feel pretty disappointed that you missed out once you read what was in them.

The good news is that we’re holding TWO CANCON events in 2023! The first one is April 29-30 (VIP access on the 28th also!) in Phoenix, Arizona.

And we’re coming back to Richmond Hill in Georgia, November 10-11 (VIPs get in a day early as well!), so there is really no excuse for you to miss out on some VIP bag goodness this year.


You’ll have to come down to Arizona to find out what is in that VIP bag, but we can take a tour through the 2022 CANCON VIP bag to give you an idea of the kind of high-end swag we put together.

  • Viktos XL Slingbag
  • Blue Force Gear Sling
  • Otis Ripcord Cleaning Cord
  • Caldwell DeadShot Shooting Bags
  • SilencerCo Silencer (Ya, a FREE silencer)
  • Subscription to Recoil and Offgrid magazines
  • Mission First Tactical Extreme Duty Magazines 556
  • Mission First Tactical Coozie
  • Maxim Defense Hate Brake
  • Maxim Defense Arm Brace Stock 
  • Primary Weapon Systems Gift Certificate 
  • JK Armamant Stickers and Hats

And that’s not all! We also snuck in a box of Global Ordnance Ammo and a Key Bar Carabiner. 

Total VIP Bag Value? Over $1,600.

Will 2023’s VIP bags be better than last year’s? I think they are, but you’ll have to stop by CANCON to find out!

Check out the CANCON 2022 VIP bag! We have more awesome swag coming at the next CANCON, so don't miss out!

Coming to CANCON but not a VIP? Take a chance at winning a VIP bag! All CANCON attendees can enter to win a VIP Bag, all you have to do is:

  • Follow @CanconEvent on Instagram
  • Post a video or photo from the event tagging @CanconEvent and using the #CanconGiveaway.


For tickets, CLICK HERE.

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