A Day At The New England Bladesmithing Symposium

Knifemakers from around North America came to Auburn, Maine for the 2022 New England Bladesmithing Symposium
(Eric Eggly/Point Seven sword image)

What To Ask A Knifemaker

From forging and picking the right materials to putting together the fairest return policy and how to run your business, there are many questions fledgling knifemakers should ask veterans.
A Shawn Ellis knife features a fine four-bar twist damascus pattern and Sambar stag. (Caleb Royer image)

The Soft-Backed Blade

For maximum toughness without sacrificing edge performance, consider a soft-backed blade.
Swiss Army Knife

Best Swiss Army Knife Tools

The Swiss Army Knife is iconic, and over the years it's featured many different tools. Most are useful, but some are just plain odd.
Kershaw Outlier

First Look: Kershaw Outlier

The newest tactical folder from Kershaw looks phenomenal and is a ton of fun to use.
Sheathmaker Chris Kravitt prefers a pouch sheath “because it is easier to draw and resheathe the knife without worrying about straps.” His belt model includes some fancy carving. (Chris Kravitt image)

Hunting Knife Sheaths: The Constant Companion

The correct sheath is pivotal to the complete hunting knife package. A good sheath can keep your knives safe and sharp for decades.
In his version of frame handle construction, bladesmith Salem Straub used a threaded fastener in an internal slot in the frame to mechanically lock all the parts together tightly. The handle material is relieved on the inside to accommodate the fastener. (Salem Straub image)

Hall-Of-Frame Handles

Frame handles remain just as useful in making a knife today as it was centuries ago.

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