Blade Show Texas And Texas Gun Experience Team Up

Blade Show Texas and Texas Gun Experience have teamed up to provide Blade Show Texas attendees a night of hands-on experience in a safe and managed environment.
Four utilitarian factory fixed blades in 1095 carbon steel, from left: Condor Tool & Knife Bush Slicer Sidekick, Becker/KA-BAR BK18 Harpoon, TOPS Knives 3 Pointer and ESEE Knives 4HM.

Best High-Carbon Steel Knife Options

Looking for a tough and ready option for EDC? Here are 4 of the best high-carbon steel knife options out there.
Inside one of the scales of Scott Topper’s Shrike reads: “This Shrike was born in October of 2019 with a blade of cryo treated 63 HRC AEB-L. The core and mechanism are 416ss with Teflon impregnated acetal lockbars actuated by 302ss springs, caged in a Richlite armor bound by hardened 305ss rings.” (SharpByCoop image)

Knife Profile: Shrike Out Hits A Home Run

Scott Topper’s off-the-charts out-the-front is a multi-part marvel, the Shrike Out, brings an artistic twist to the automatic.

Japanese War Swords Part II

BY LEON KAPP The great World War II Japanese swordsmiths, war sword souvenirs and more Kurihara Akihide established the Nippon To Denshujo. Akihide was a member of the Japanese Diet or congress. The Diet asked him...

Danes to Dragons: Custom Hawks

Custom hawks and axes combine history, fantasy and imagination From Danes to dragons, draft horses and drawing smoke, the axe and the hawk have become avenues of artistic expression for some of the most innovative...

Spyderco Yojimbo 2: Fantastic Straightedge Folder

Now in its second iterations, the Yojimbo 2 nails exactly what a straightedge folder should be.

Knifemaking: Frame Handle Construction

KNIFE SHOP BY JASON FRY Are you up to the challenge of frame handle construction? Frame handle construction for knives has been around for centuries. Historical examples of many Eastern styles like the kard, khyber and...

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