Vegas Forge concentrates on the production of high-quality damascus.

Damascus Steel: Mass Producing The Unique Knife Material

Damascus steel is produced on a mass scale by some of the best in the business.
CRKT Redemption blade out.

CRKT Redemption: Gambling On Several Firsts

CRKT's first MagnaCut blade and Ken Onion's first crossbar lock the maker looks to come up aces.

Dagger: Custom And Production Buyer’s Guide (2023)

Deadly and alluring, we gather up some of the best daggers—custom and production—to offer you the ultimate buyer's guide.
Blade Show Floor

BLADE Show 2023: What To Expect In Atlanta

Here is a full schedule of events for BLADE Show 2023, including knife of the year awards, BLADE U classes, competitions, and more.

CANCON 2022 VIP Bag: Deep Dive Into The Goodies!

Check out the CANCON 2022 VIP bag! We have more awesome swag coming at the next CANCON, so don't miss out!

LAST CHANCE To Get VIP & Early Tickets for CANCON In Phoenix, Arizona April...

CANCON A Fully Suppressed RECOIL Range Day! April 28-30 in Phoenix, AZ, at the Ben Clark Shooting Center!

First Look: Off-White/Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

New limited edition Swiss Army knife comes as a result of a collaboration between Off-White and Victorinox.

Henning Wilkinson: Magician Of South Africa Knifemaking

Acclaimed, Talented Knifemaker Henning Wilkinson Is Making Beautiful Knives And Living A Life Worth Emulating. I’ve been in the blade-making business right at 50 years....

A Dazzler For Kaz

A father, with the help of his uncle, works to make a one-of-a-kind knife for his son after living the life of a military kid.

A Visitor’s Guide To CANCON 2022

Check out all the details for CANCON! What to bring, where to go, and what to do at this fully suppressed range day!

Stiletto Switchblade: Sharp And Controversial

There are few knives more controversial than the stiletto switchblade. This automatic knife is outlawed in numerous states and countries.

Feeling Good: 4 New Handle Materials

As knife technology evolves, so do handle materials. Whether natural or synthetic, these materials are helping knife aficionados get a grip.

AKTI Free To Carry Online Auction

The American Knife and Tool Institute is running an auction to raise awareness of their fight to remove legislation banning the carry of certain knives.

The Beauty Of Handmade Kitchen Knives

Handmade kitchen knives are growing in popularity as more makers enter the space and re-imagine what a kitchen knife can be.

What Not To Ask A Knifemaker?

Just as important as knowing what to ask a knifemaker when looking to buy a knife is what to not ask a knifemaker.

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