3 New Reasons to Attend BLADE Show West 2019

3 New Reasons to Attend BLADE Show West 2019
Mike Tyre will join a panel of renowned knifemakers to offer knife critiques as part of a new event at BLADE Show West 2019. This striking custom bowie is his handiwork. (Sharp by Coop photo)

Allow the BLADE Show West staff to help you decide why you should attend the 2nd Annual BLADE Show West, Nov. 1-3 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.

In fact, staff members have been studying ways to inject some Vitamin C—as in C for Cut—into proceedings, and I think they have hit on new attractions that will make your decision whether to attend easy.

1) A New Cutting Competition

First is the chef’s knife cutting competition. Instead of holding it during show hours, we’re going to do it after show hours on Saturday (see details at bladeshowwest.com).

Ethan Becker, who knows chef’s knives quite well from his four decades of writing and editing the world-famous cookbook, Joy of Cooking, and knives in general through Becker Knife & Tool, will oversee the event.

The foodstuffs, they will be a flyin’!

2) Knife Critiques

Second of the new attractions will be the seminar, “Let the Pros Critique Your Knife.” The pros will consist of award-winning knifemakers/show exhibitors Murray Carter, Bill Harsey, David Lisch, Bill Ruple, Brian Tighe and Mike Tyre.

Since critiquing a knife properly takes time, this will be a limited seating event. Attendees may bring one knife only and attendee sign-ups will be held onsite.

If I were a hobbyist knifemaker of even a long-time one, I would love to have one of the makers on our panel point out what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong.

3) See the Real Bowie Knife?

Third of the new attractions will be the seminar, “Bowie’s Bowie: The Best Candidate,” as well as an exhibit of the candidate in question.

Dale M. Larson, author of the book The Knife Behind the Curtain: The True Story of Actor Edwin Forrest, James Bowie, and the Blade that Binds Them, will both exhibit the Edwin Forrest Bowie during the show and also deliver a seminar all about the knife.

Where to Get Tickets & More Information

Everything you need to have fun at BLADE Show West is at bladeshowwest.com.

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